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Research For A Dissertation On Aspects Of

 Recreational Shore Angling In South Wales

Please only fill in this questionnaire if you are a South Wales Angler 


How do you travel to your fishing marks

How often do you go Fishing

Are you a member of a fishing club or organization        

If yes what is the name of the club (not compulsory)

Are you a Match Angler

Do you read Sea Angling magazines

What kind of bait do you use  Please list in order of preference,    1 = most used    6 = least used


 insert value 1-6


insert value 1-6 

Lug Worm
Rag Worm


What ratio of your catch is under size?       


How often (in your opinion) do the under size fish you catch make a full recovery and survive after you return them to the sea?             What is the closest ratio?
Have you ever seen an under size fish being kept?

How often

What Species

Do you think the collection of marine worms for bait; has a significant impact on marine worm populations?
 Do you think the collection of peeler crabs for bait; has a significant impact on crab populations?
Do you think commercial bait collection should be licensed?


How much on average do you spend on a days fishing 





Food & Drink


Match Fees






How much do you spend per year on large items of tackle and accessories ( eg. Rods, reels, floatation suits etc.)



Could you estimate the value of tackle you own at present? ( eg. Rods, reels, floatation suits, all the equipment in your tackle box, etc.)


Does fishing have any influence in the decision on where you and your family spend your holidays?

What factors would influence your decision on the destination of a fishing Holiday  Please value in a scale of 1 to 10 their influence on your decision

Fish stocks

Fishing mark reputation

Fishing related facilities (tackle shops, piers and breakwaters etc..)



Do you think the sport is managed properly?
Are you aware of local byelaws with regards to shore angling?
Do you know where to obtain information on local byelaws with regards to shore angling?
Do you think the sport management has enough funding?

options for management funding

To fund management would you be in favor of a rod license
To fund management would you be in favor of a Tax Tackle

conservation management 

Would you be in favor of a Voluntary Anglers Charter or Code of Practice
Do you think that shore angling should be taken into account in MAFF fisheries policy (should anglers have a voice in government decisions)
How long have you been a sea angler

please enter the number of years

Please check you have answered all the questions, and then click the submit button









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